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  1. 8 Great Uses for Promotional Merchandise

    The benefits promotional products can bring your business simply cannot be underestimated. In addition to helping you reel in new clients and creating brand awareness, well-judged use of branded, promotional gifts can ultimately pave the way for sustained business growth.

    It's important to think carefully about your audience when deciding which promotional items to give away. Lunch bags, sunglasses and hats, for instance, may be more appropriate than writing instruments and journals if you're catering to a younger crowd.

    Here are our top eight benefits of giving away promotional merchandise.

    1. Improve brand awareness

    Through promotional gifts, brands can market their products and services with minimal effort. Branded items, with your business name, logo and slogan, in your corporate colours, can go a long way towards fostering better brand recognition.

    2. Start conversations with prospective customers

    Promotional items ha

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  2. Why do Promotional Products Matter?

    For many years, promotional items have become a part of a successful marketing strategy. Promoting a brand helps a company to reach out to its target customers and make them aware of your brand and its advantages. Whether you are promoting a new company or a new brand, promotional products are the most cost-effective way of achieving your targets.

    Nowadays promotional items are used by several companies to help achieve their marketing goals and at the same time save as much money as possible. But why do they still matter? 

    Why promotional products matter

    A free promotional give away is a very efficient technique of impressing new customers, making them believe that the company or the brand is worth their money. Here are more reasons why promotional products matter much more than you think:

    1. Strengthen Customer Relationship

    Free gifts and promotional products are a fantastic way to strengthen customer re

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  3. When is the Perfect Timing for Giving Promotional Gifts?

    When is the Best Time to Use Promotional Items?

    Like many marketing campaigns, giving away items need the right timing. So, when is the best time to utilize your Corporate Gifts?

    1. To advertise a new business

    If you’re starting a new business you need to be seen. For a company, spending money on promotional giveaways is an easy and cost effective and great way to market your brand and will immediately win over your customers. Not only will it boost your brand visibility, your customers will be grateful and hopefully try or test your product.

    If your merchandise is visible or shareable, such as a t-shirt, cap or post-it notes, repeat advertising will make your product visible to a large number of people for a long period of time, with only a one-off cost to the business owner.

    2. When your customer purchases something

    Why not thank your customer for purchasing something by giving them a free promotional item at check out or inclu

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