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Looking for Cheap Promotional Products in Small Quantities?

Easy! - Please follow the below instructions to help you find what you are after.

On the left hand side of every promo itemsĀ category page on our website you will see a very powerful set of Search Tools that enable you to narrow down the products shown based on your specific needs.

One of these tools is for Price. (as shown below)

Promotional Product Price Search Tool

Move the slider to show your required product price range (Or enter the price range into the fields provided)

Above the products shown, you will see the "Sort By" filter

Promotional Product Sort Filter

Inside this filter you will see the heading "MOQ - (Minimum Order Quantity)" - select this and check that the arrow next to the window is pointing upwards.

Promotional Product Sort By MOQ

Our innovative promo products system will then sort products shown to match your preferences.

You can also further refine the result by using the Search Tools used in step one. (this includes things like product colour, product category, decoration type etc..)

Hopefully this helps you find what you are looking for.... If not, please feel free to give us a nudge