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Fundraising for Schools Ideas

Fundraise for your School or Charity

No Inventory to Buy - No Financial Outlay

Yes, you have read correctly!

Our Sister Site Custom Prints T-Shirts and Hoodies and has a Fundraising "Campaign" Module built in that allows you to select and design your own clothing.

You set the sell price and our system shows you how much money you will raise based on the chosen volume target.

It then gives you the tools to market your inititaive via Email and Social Media.

Your Contacts place Orders online for your Merchandise - and we send it straight to them.

There's no upfront costs - and if nothing sells, it doesnt cost you anything

A great way to raise awareness for a cause or event.

Click here to access the Campaign Builder and Start designing today.

If you'd like to develop a Charity or School Fundraiser using other types of products,

Contact us on (02) 8328 0028 to discuss your requirements,